Loan Against Your Jewellery & Precious Items
We Loan Against Your Gold


Borrowing money is easy. No background or credit checks.


Instant evaluation on your luxury goods from one of our in house experts.


Receive your payment within 30 minutes in cash or via bank transfer.

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Authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority

Interest Calculator

Before considering a loan against your goods, you must first determine an overall payback amount that suits you. In just a few clicks, you can find out the entire cost of any loan using our simple loan calculator. Please keep in mind that the loan calculator is just meant to provide an estimate.


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Interest repayment


Total repayable


Interest example: Loan amount: £1000 for 7 months. Interest rate: 6% (fixed) £60 p/m Interest for 7 months £420
Total amount payable: £1420

During the term of the loan you can make payments of any amount and at any time to suit you. When you make your final payment to repay the loan you will receive your item(s) back.


We offer short-term secured borrowing available in minutes whether you need £5-£5000

  • Gold and platinum jewellery
  • Diamond and other precious gemset jewellery
  • Prestige watches

Items are valued, the loan agreed and your cash paid out within minutes. There are no set-up fees, credit checks or appointments required.

Our pawnbroking loans are 7 months in duration with the facility to reduce the loan interest by paying back the loan sooner. 

All goods taken against loans are held in our high security safes for your peace of mind. You will be given a receipt for all items held.

You Don't Need To Sell Your Jewellery

Cash For Gold

Scrap gold, broken gold, unwanted gold, gold coins – we’ll buy it all

It’s EASY and FAST to turn your unwanted gold into CASH. Simply bring it along to one of our shops and we will pay you cash there and then. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will find the correct carat of your gold, weigh it and offer you our daily price per gram for your gold.


We only accept luxury watches

Why Us?

The business has developed over 30 years to provide a diverse range of quality jewellery services to both the public and other jewellery retailers and wholesalers.

Our experience, flexibility and dedicated team members allow us to tailor our services to suit our customer’s requirements; a customer centric service which differentiates us from many of our competitors who do not offer the same experience.

Centralised administration is carried out at our Vyse Street Showroom, open to retailers and the public. Retail is concentrated along with manufacture at our retail shop located centrally in Warstone Lane, arguably the centre of the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham.


You can pawn anything of value that we can sell should you fail to repay the loan. Jewellery and luxury watches are the most popular items we accept, however, we do accept items such as antiques, art, designer items and other high value collectibles. If in doubt you should contact us to discuss your items.

We charge an interest rate that is above a high street bank loan but much less than, say, a pay day loan. During the appraisal you will be quoted an interest rate and the repayment schedule explained to you and you will receive pre contract information in writing.

The amount loaned will be a percentage of the appraised value of the item you want to pawn. The valuation of the item or items will depend on various factors at the time of the appraisal. This will all be fully explained to you and will enable you to then shop around for other quotes should you feel the need.

If you accept our terms and conditions and pawn your item or items you will pay back the loan either in regular installments or the whole sum at the end of the loan period. You are free to pay the loan amount back early and only pay the interest on the period you borrowed the money.

Should you need to extend the loan period and are up to date with the interest payments, we can, in some circumstances, extend the loan and draw up a new contract. But please contact us as soon as possible before the loan period expires.

If you are in doubt as to whether to sell or pawn your items we can generally help either way. If you have items that have sentimental value then pawning maybe the answer. We’ll give you a cash loan, secured against your property and on repayment of the loan the item or items will be returned to you. At all times your item or items will be held securely and safely ready for you to collect.

Should you decide to sell we can offer very competitive rates on gold and luxury watches.

We require identification that shows who you are, where you live and your age (if appropriate). Acceptable forms of ID are, a driving licence, a passport or signed bank card accompanied by a recent utility bill. Images of all customers are recorded as part of the transaction.

Valuations are based on the auction or trade prices that are normally realised. Please be aware that the values are generally lower than you would expect to see in a retail shop. The valuation represents the price a retailer would BUY the item for. Please note that if a loan is offered against the pledge it will be a percentage of the valuation

How To Find Us

Having Trouble Finding Us?

If you are having trouble finding us, we are based in the Vintage & Modern shop you can see in the picture above. Just walk in with your goods or queries and a member of staff will be delighted to assist you.